sweet spot: an ideal or most favorable location, level, area, or combination of factors for a particular activity or purpose

Sweet Spot Coaching’s mission is to provide quality, customized triathlon and run training programs for athletes of all skill levels. In order for age group athletes to balance family life and careers, training plans are written to maximize the athlete’s time by providing focused, goal specific workouts. Together, the athlete and coach work to find the proper balance of training load that can be incorporated into daily life. The ultimate goal is for the athlete to find the sweet spot in training that creates favorable outcomes in training and racing while fostering a balanced, healthy lifestyle.

Tri Sweet Spot Coaching - Kim

Services I Offer

All training plans are fully customized to meet the unique, individual needs of each athlete. A six-month commitment is required for all plans.

This custom, six-month plan is delivered via a basic training peaks account…

  • Premium Training Peaks Account
  • Weekly feedback via Training Peaks
  • Access to a private Facebook group
  • And much more…
  • Premium Training Peaks Account
  • Feedback provided via Training Peaks 2-3 times a week
  • Access to a private Facebook group
  • Unlimited changes to accommodate work, travel, illness, etc.
  • And much more…

Customized run training plans for athletes of all abilities.  Completely customized run programs are delivered via a premium Training Peaks account.

Sweet Spot Coaching is excited to provide custom team building programs for businesses and organizations.

“When I first heard of an Ironman, I was immediately thinking about how crazy a person had to be to do one. Already knowing I am crazy, I had to get more details. Luckily, I joined a local triathlon Facebook group and Kim reached out. With all the intricacies of triathlon, Kim guided and educated me on the ins and outs. This helped me set my expectations of the training workload and time commitment. Throughout the last two years, I have gained a coach, mentor and a friend. The process has been so much more enjoyable with Kim as my coach and I couldn’t imagine the journey without her.”
ZACH F, Traveling Emergency Room RN

“Working with Coach Kim has been truly beneficial in my running journey! She is so knowledgeable, passionate and experienced. She develops quality workouts in line with my running goals and has helped me drop my marathon time by 20 minutes in one year. I’ve become a more fit, stronger runner during the time we’ve worked together. Kim has also worked with me through some tough times and struggles. She has helped me gain belief in myself and strengthen my mental game while always showing compassion and support for me.  Whether you’re a recreational runner who wants to become a stronger runner, a goal to Boston Qualify or tackling an Ironman, Kim has the knowledge, experience and passion to help you reach your goals! Her training is effective, efficient and she’s a true joy to work with.”

CARRIE N, Health Care Scheduling Specialist

“I can’t say enough good things about working with Kim. She created a customized running plan for me that took into consideration my current fitness level, other activities and my goals…not somebody else’s. I’ve found her to be very responsive with productive and encouraging feedback. If something needed to shift, she worked with me on how to adjust. She’ll be your biggest cheerleader and she’ll be by your side when you need a little extra support. I love training with Kim!”

ELLEN V., Marketing Account Executive
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